11 Jul

Personal Assistant

Asmanco Group Sdn Bhd



  • Upto RM1,300.0 Per Month

Job Responsibility
  • Management and organization analysts assist organizations to achieve greater efficiency and solve organizational problems. They study organizational structures, methods, systems and procedures.
  • Tasks include –
    • Assisting and encouraging the development of objectives, strategies and plans aimed at achieving customer satisfaction and the efficient use of organizations’ resources;
    • Analysing and evaluating current systems and structures;
    • Discussing current systems with staff and observing systems at all levels of organization;
    • Directing clients towards more efficient organization and developing solutions to organizational problems;
    • Undertaking and reviewing work studies by analysing existing and proposed methods and procedures such as administrative and clerical procedures;
    • Recording and analysing organizations’ workflow charts, records, reports, manuals and job descriptions;
    • Preparing and recommending proposals to revise methods and procedures, alter work flows, redefine job functions and resolve organizational problems;
    • Assisting in implementing approved recommendations, issuing revised instructions and procedure manuals and drafting other documentation;
    • Reviewing operating procedures and advising of departures from procedures and standards.

Job Requirements
  • Candidate must prossess at least a Professional Certificate, Advanced / Higher / Graduate Diploma, Degree, Advanced Degree.
  • Positive attitude, passionate on collaborative teamwork, excel at interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Adaptable to change, able to pivot and find alternate solutions, demonstrated capability in meeting new challenges.
  • Good problem solving skills, able to navigate unexpected situations or conditions.
  • Critical observer-thinker, bringing fresh perspective and offer intuitive solutions and ideas.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in driving teamwork excellence, conflict resolution.
  • Fluent in English, Bahasa Malaysia, optionally Mandarin.
  • Business-minded where applicable with entrepreneurship skill to ensure business success.
  • Have strong knowledge of applicable system automation, business solution softwares.

Job Benefits
  • KWSP
  • Medical claim included
  • Annual and medical leave shall be in accordance with the prevailing Labour Law
  • Diploma
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  • 10 Aug 2018


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